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Germany and Austria
Searched For The Most
Beautiful Pet Urn Title!

Closing date for your suggestions was July 31, 2004.

Initiative and Jury:
> Chris Bleicher, Neon- und Performance-Künstlerin, München
> Simone Brockes, Pressebüro PR & MORE, Viersen

The famous and internationally recognized
artist Chris Bleicher from Munich, Germany
was looking nationwide for the most beautiful
titles for two of her pet urns.
Everybody could participate!
And there were no limits for imagination!

For each title chosen the winner
received their choice of one of Chris Bleicher's
hand painted, signed pet urns (0,75 l).
Participation in the contest was worthwhile!

The winners were informed by mail by the artist.
Name and photo of the winners are published.
Only entrys with complete mailing address
and telephone number were considered.
The judges' decision was final.

The jury members hoped that you had fun
finding the most beautiful pet urn title!

To the winners please click the Awards-Button below:

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