Painted by Chris Bleicher
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Travel into the Light

Symbolic Urns

Rose & Healing Runes
285 Euro

Key to Hereafter
275 Euro

Soul Dance
All around painted
265 Euro

Soul Dance
Two Motifs: Corpus & Top
195 Euro

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Key to

Rose &
Healing Runes

Soul Dance
all around painted

Soul Dance
simple painted

Key to Hereafter
The two keys represent the
transition from this life to the
hereafter. They also symbolize
the connection and the freeing
experience of letting go.
The yellow-orange background
symbolizes the fire of life, as
well as clearing the way to the
afterlife. The equilateral triangle
is the symbol for completeness.
Point up, it stands for the male,
point down for the female principle.

Rose & healing Runes
The rose motif symbolizes the
mercyful journey to the
hereafter. The rune symbols
have healing qualities.

"R" This Rune deals
with communication;
a journey of the
soul after death.
"P" This rune stands for
joy; the absence of sorrow
and trouble.

Soul Dance
The golden colored
symbol honors the
dead person: His/her soul
dances into the light. Blue
is the color of depth
and symbolizes heaven,
peace and wisdom.

The four models shown above are for immediate international delivery. Each urn is lovingly hand-painted by the Munich artist Chris Bleicher and bears her initials CB. Each piece is unique and personal tastes and creative wishes can be considered.

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