Painted by Chris Bleicher
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Journey of an Angel

When an angel has gone, the world breaks down
for parents and close relatives.
It is terrible to loose mother, father or an other loved person.
But it is so much more painful when a child has to be mourned.

Death by itself is a taboo for many people,
But it takes even more courage to discuss the death of a child.
The shock is great and it may take many years to
get over it.
Discussions with relatives, friends, maybe a therapist,
can be helpful in this difficult time.

"With the artistic creation of childrens' coffins and
childrens' urns I want to take away some of the dreadfulness
of the death of an angel and contribute to the recovery from mourning."

An artisticly painted childrens' coffin or urn
- for example in the favorite color of the child or with a
special image, honors the child and allows
for a creative burial or cremation.

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